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Sam Pesetsky RICP®, CIMA®

Financial Advisor

Sam is committed to helping individuals live the retirement they deserve. In today’s information society, people are bombarded with opinions about retirement, are confused and seeking clarity. People will attend workshops, listen to podcasts and media “gurus,” etc. only to walk away more confused than ever. Sam’s team seeks to elevate your retirement, providing clarity in a cloud of opinions, so you can enjoy what you enjoy doing the most.  

Ask yourself the question, if money were not an issue, who you would spend time with, what would you be doing, where would go, what would you see and do? … We believe time is your most important asset, and the average retirement could be 10,000 days. We will do the work to optimize your retirement journey to empower you to live every day like it is the weekend. No more opinions, just clarity! 

Sam is the founder of Pesetsky Financial. He combines more than 20 years of experience in financial services, an MBA in finance, along with multiple securities and insurance licenses, to simplify the world of retirement planning.  Sam is also a frequent guest speaker for SOFA, a non-profit dedicated to providing free financial literacy seminars. He also holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst® and Retirement Income Certified Professional® designations. 

Sam enjoys golfing, skiing, exercising, and most importantly just spending time with his friends and family. You can frequently find him on the sidelines of any youth sporting event or traveling with his family to out-of-town soccer tournaments.